On-Site Camping Has Sold Out

On-site camping for the 2018 Bonanza Extravaganza has sold out! 

Limited Campsites

As expected, our campsites are selling out fast. We presently only have Tent & Pop-up sites still available. Reserve your’s while they last.

You can reserve a campsite when ordering your tickets on-line, with your mail-in order, or by calling our campsite hot-line at 301-991-7745.

Unclaimed Raffle/Prize Winners

This year’s Bonanza Extravaganza was huge success for tip jars, gun raffles, merchandise give-aways and of course the 50/50….All thanks to YOU, our loyal patrons. Listed here are the UNCLAIMED winning holders for the Tip, Gun and Merchandise Raffles. 

Anyone in possession of any of the winning tickets listed below or if have a winninng drawing ticket for the Saturday prizes, please contact us at:


* 50/50 Drawing : Winning #2511 (Winning number has been claimed)

* Gun Raffle: Serial #551802 (White Ticket), Winning number – 985

* Spin to Win Wheel : Serial #009948, Winning holder – 19
                                      Serial #005265, Winning holder – 162
                                      Serial #009951, Winning holder – 128

* Monday Night Money: Serial #008068,  Winning team- Packers
                                           Serial #008260, Winning team- Colts

* Winners Galore: Serial #004765, Winning holder – 213

* Queen of the Mountain: Serial #001686, Winning holder – 613

* Lounge Lizard: Serial #4640262d, Winning holder – 200
                              Serial #2460262d, Winning holder – 900 
                              Serial #4640078l, Winning holder – 500

* King Tut Jars: Serial #1075701, Winning holder – 1013
                           Serial #10758864, Winning holder – 1513
                           Serial #7075771 Winning number – 2313
                           Serial #1075915 Winning holder – 013
                           Serial #1075870 Winning holder – 2313
                           Serial #4075919 Winning holder – 113
                           Serial #1075940 Winning holder – 413




Guest Passes Still Available

Thanks to your support, there are NO MORE $110 Bonanza Extravaganza drawing tickets available. Guest Passes are still available and can be purchased here, or at the gate, both days. 

Occasionally (not often) some unsold tickets are turned in. If you would like to be placed on a waiting list for these tickets, please call our waiting list hotline: 240-382-4138 and leave ONE message with your name and contact number. Calls will be returned in the order received and ONLY if a ticket is made available. Thank you!


2017 Prize Sheet with NEW POWER HOUR!!

We are proud to release the 2017 Bonanza Extravaganza Prize Sheet featuring 7 Chevrolet Vehicles, 7 Harley Davidsons, $100,000 Grand Prize and the All-New POWER HOUR!

If you are present during the All-New POWER HOUR your cash prize will be DOUBLED! Check out all the details on the prize sheet here.