Thinking about becoming a sponsor? Check out our stats.

1. Over 15,000 people attend from all 50 states, however 84% come from Maryland, District of Columbia, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia.

2. In 2018 BonanzaExtravaganza.com received 177,388 page views from 60,236 sessions by 29,641 unique visitors (January – May).

3. In May 2018, people watched our Facebook videos for 744 hours.

4. Our attendees love beer! In 2018 we served 29 beers a minute.

5. In addition to our $100,000 Grand Prize, we also give away 7 Chevrolet Cars and Trucks (including a Corvette!!) and 7 Harley Davidson Motorcycles.

6. There is complimentary catered food on Saturday for all ticket holders.

7. The Bonanza Extravaganza has SOLD OUT every year.

Our generous sponsors and supporters allow us to continue to grow! If you have a business you’d like to have participate in the 2019 Bonanza Extravaganza please email Stacy Ryder at BonanzaBlast @ gmail dot com. 

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