How many of us have watched the drawing numbers and realized we just missed a prize by one number? Pretty frustrating right? – Until now! We introduce to you the…BONANZA OVER/UNDER.

This is how it will work. If the last digit of your drawing ticket number is one higher or one lower than the winning number drawn, you will win $110. So, for instance, let’s say the number drawn is 1605. This means that 1605 wins the prize for that time slot (Corvette, Harley, Camper, $1,000). But, beginning this year, the UNDER number (1604) and the OVER number (1606) will each win $110. And, if you’re doing the calculations, that means you now have 312 chances to win this year. That’s 3 winners for every time slot on our prize list. We are pretty excited about it and hope you will be too.

Bottom line is that we have worked very hard over the last ten years to avoid any price increases. Unfortunately, everything is getting more expensive and therefore have found no other choice but to increase the drawing ticket cost to $110 and the guest pass to $25. It wasn’t an easy decision, but the cost of our food, beer, shuttle buses, security, tents and jumbo-trons have all steadily increased. We weren’t going to be satisfied with just passing on the costs to our patrons. And as firefighters always do, we tackled the problem and came up with a solution we think is a win/win for everyone. We hope you understand and please remember that the Bonanza Extravaganza is a fundraiser that has donated 1.3 million dollars to numerous charities and organizations to date. We believe we still offer the cheapest and most fun you can have on any given weekend! Watch those numbers and see you in May!